Kadukkai Haritaki Podi Powder 50gm
Kadukkai Haritaki Podi Powder 50gm
Kadukkai Haritaki Podi Powder 50gm

Kadukkai Haritaki Podi Powder 50gm

Kadukkai Haritaki Podi Powder 50gm

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  • Amazing Health Benefits and Uses of Haritaki /Kadukkai 

    Haritaki, commonly called as kadukkai in Tamil and harde whole in English is a medical wonder and has many health benefits and medicinal uses. It's botanical name is terminalia chebula. Haritaki has been regarded very highly from ancient times by healers and is rightly called the mother of herbs. Everyone should have Haritaki in their homes for the amount of dis eases that haritaki can treat very effectively. While buying haritaki make sure to buy matured ones and sun dry it till crisp and then store in an airtight box. Haritaki can be stored in an airtight box for almost 6 months to 1 year. 

    More About Haritaki/ Kadukkai

    Botanical name : Terminalia chebula Retz. & Willd. (Combretaceae)
    Sanskrit Name:  Haritaki, Abhaya, Pathya
    Vernacular Names: Chebulic myrobalan (English), Harda (Hindi), Analekai (Kannada), Kadukai (Malayalam), Kadukaai (Tamil), Kaduka (Telugu)
    Part used: Fruit

    • Taste (Rasa):Astringent (Kashaya), sour (Amla), sweet (Madhura), pungent (Katu) and bitter (Tikta)
    • Property (Guna):Light (Laghu), dry (Ruksha)
    • Potency (Veerya):Sweet (Madhura)
    • Post digestive effect (Vipaka):Sweet (Madhura)
    • Actions (Karma):Alleviates vitiation of all 3 doshas (Tridosha hara)

    eases that haritaki can treat very effectively. While buying haritaki make sure to buy matured ones and sun dry it till crisp and then store in an airtight box. Haritaki can be stored in an airtight box for almost 6 months to 1 year. 

     HARITAKI FOR WEIGHT LOSS---- eases that haritaki can treat very effectively. While buying haritaki make sure to buy matured ones and sun dry it till crisp and then store in an airtight box. Haritaki can be stored in an airtight box for almost 6 months to 1 year. 

     HARITAKI FOR HAIR LOSS----In certain parts of India, haritaki oil is used on the hair to prevent lice infection and dandruff. They use it as a daily application hair oil. To make this oil, heat a cup of coconut oil in a pan and add three haritaki pods. Once it has turned brown and the outer shell cracks, switch off the flame, let it cool and store it in a glass bottle. Use this oil regularly to prevent lice infection and dandruff. This oil effectively treats hair loss too.

     HARITAKI FOR COUGH IN BABIES & ADULTS----- Haritaki is amazing for treating cough in both adults and babies. Powder haritaki finely and mix it with honey and give it to the babies for 6 to 7 days. Some babies might vomit when they consume haritaki for the first time, that is normal and one need not worry about it. They will get used to it very soon. A big pinch (around 2 gms) for children around 3 to 6 years. A small pinch (around 1 gm) for children below 3 years. regular use will treat cough very effectively. Try not to use haritaki powder continuously for more than 10 days.

    HARITAKI FOR CONSTIPATION------Kadukkai powder is a natural laxative. Many suffer from constipation and take medicines for it continuously. Having a traditional diet that is rich in fiber and using natural laxatives like kadukkai powder will keep us free of constipation. Regularly consuming medicine for constipation will make a person dependent on them along with the side effects of bloating and flatulence. To make the remedy, break the haritaki and remove the seeds and sun dry the haritaki peel .Grind  to a very fine powder and bottle . Take the required amount of powder in a bowl, boil water and add to the haritaki   powder. Drink it once it comes to lukewarm temperature before going to bed. You will find yourself free from constipation, the next day morning. We do get haritaki powder in the markets, but I prefer making it on my own, as it is very effective when freshly ground.

     HARITAKI FOR SKIN-----Haritaki effectively treats skin allergies in the ears, caused by earrings. Gold and silver earrings do not produce any allergies. But metal earrings will not agree with everyone, as some of these metal earrings contain Nickel. Some times if we wear these earrings for longer duration, the earlobes turn itchy, red and swollen. For this problem haritaki is the best answer. Just take a haritaki and rub it on the sandalwood stone with little boiled water. You have to rub it hard, as the skin of the haritaki is hard. The paste is light green in color. Take this paste and apply on the affected area. Usually it gives good relief from pain and swellings due to allergies.

    HARITAKI FOR ACNE---- Haritaki has got antibacterial properties making it very effective for treating acne. A simple paste made with haritaki powder and boiled water, when applied on acne heals acne very quickly and prevents scars from forming.  

    HARITAKI  FOR ACIDITY-----Haritaki is known to cure all stomach related problems from acidity to constipation very effectively. Haritaki increases the mucus production in the stomach forming a protective barrier thus preventing acidity and ulcer. Take around 1/4 tsp of haritaki powder and mix it in hot water and drink it, till the problem disappears. 

    HARITAKI FOR DIABETES----- A study was conducted regarding the effect of herbs on diabetic patients. They found that haritaki decreases insulin sensitivity and helps to regulate the blood sugar levels in the body effectively. The interesting thing was many of the diabetic medicines had some side effects 

    along with regulating the blood sugar levels, whereas haritaki did not have any side effects at all. But diabetic patients should consult a medical professional before taking haritaki on a regular basis.

    HARITAKI FOR MOUTH ULCERS----Haritaki mouth rinse treats mouth ulcers very effectively. Having mouth ulcers can be very painful. Mouth ulcers makes eating very difficult and it affects both young and old. I was surprised to learn that, one out of five adults suffer from mouth ulcers. Citrus and certain acidic fruits like strawberries and figs worsen the condition. For this remedy, kadukkai is broken using mortar and pestle. Don't pound it too finely, just break the outer covering. Then boil the broken haritaki with a cup of water. The color of the water will change to dull yellow color. Cool this infusion and rinse your mouth with this, several times a day. This mouth ulcer home remedy usually gives good relief. The infusion is not bitter, so it can be safely used by children too. 

     Kadukkai Podi is called ‘Sarva Roga Nivarani’ (‘that which heals all diseases’) in Sanskrit.  For centuries, Ayurvedic healers have called Haritaki the ‘king of medicines’.

    1. Ayurvedic healers believe it exists to destroy all diseases, eliminates all waste from the body, and promotes tissue growth and health.

    In the vedic tradition, the word ‘roga’ not just implies physical diseases, but also extends to all sufferings that make us powerless, and thus physically, mentally and emotionally this wonder-medicine removes the body’s toxins in a natural way and makes one more energetic. It also purifies the blood and removes fat residues from the arteries and veins. It heals diabetes, hypertension and heart problems. It helps the vision to become sharp.

    1. Weeding Out negative mental patterns –Made of the powdered nut of the kadukka tree native to India, this medicine works in a subtle way on the mind as well, wiping away all the engraved memories (samskaras) and negative mental patterns.

    3. Awakening Non-Mechanical Parts of the Brain –It enhances the build-up of prana, a subtle energy which awakens the non-mechanical parts of the brain, making the brain and body fresh and alive. Thus it makes one more capable, sensitive and intelligent, and the person starts growing in awareness. With these new capabilities, when one receives the higher truth, they are absorbed more easily. The person starts using and applying the great truth and understandings as a key to every situation. This kind of psychological revolution helps one reorganize one’s thoughts and activities towards a more healthy, joyful and ecstatic life.

    1. Body-Mind Rejuvenation –Haritaki helps the intellect, the strength of the body, stimulates the senses and aids to expel the excretory material from the body easily.Gargling with the decoction of Haritaki Powder soothes the throat. It is a digestive aid. It helps in the pulmonary system of the body. It is also very beneficial for gums. It improves digestion, promotes the absorption of nutrients, and regulates colon function. The ulcer gets healed from the  stomach and mouth and the oxygen level in the blood drastically increases.

    If you have foul smell in the mouth , take Kadukkai powder for three days, foul smell will disappear thus, Kadukkai powder is the healer of all diseases. It increases  longevity of life.

    Instructions -----Every day before going to bed take 1 tbsp of Haritaki powder. Take the raw powder into the mouth. You can even use your finger and brush it all over your mouth, like brushing. Please take it gently and allow it to fully mix with your saliva. Then, simply drink water, and gargle  with  the water. While Haritaki has its unique taste during intake, within few minutes, you will enjoy the nectarine sweet flavor.

    When to Take – Just before going to bed take Haritaki powder and can repeat intake in morning, or anytime during the day to regulate body heat, and clean up their stomach.

    Tips – Begin your day with Neem Juice, and end your day with Haritaki powder. This completes the Pancha Kriya cleansing regime. Once you begin taking Haritaki, you will not miss taking it a single day. You will have a clean mouth when you wakeup.

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