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Organic Traditional Rice-Direct from Farmers-Wholesale Suppliers

Organic Traditional Rice - Direct from Farmers

Traditional rice varieties is also a big medicine. Rice is considered as a important food in the Asian continent. Nearly 60% of the world population consume rice as their primary food. There were more than 3 lakhs of rice varieties in India and more than five thousand varieties was available in Tamilnadu. Currently we were able to save nearly 200 varieties in Tamilnadu. Every rice varieties are unique of their own. There are rice varieties which can withstand flood, heavy winds also some varieties can grow without water. Different rice varieties for different kind of peoples was also available For Ex. for diabetic peoples, for pregnant ladies, for children’s, for old age peoples, for youngsters etc. These high value traditional rice varieties started loosing its existence after the green revolution. Institutions like Create, Ciks etc are trying to save these traditional rice varities and as a general public we also have the social responsibility to save our traditional rice varieties and pass the same to the next generation.
Pachaa Traders Organic Traditional and Naturals is interacting with the organic farmers and other organic institutions to bring more traditional rice varieties with medicinal properties for the benefit of the general public. Some of the traditional rice varieties which we were able to bring to our store are .

Kala Namak Rice (Crop duration is 120 days)

Kalanamak is one of the finest quality  rices of India. It derives its name from black husk (kala = black; the suffix ‘namak’ means salt). This variety is in cultivation since the Buddhist period (600 BC). It is said to be better than Basmati in all aspects except grain length, and is considered the finest quality of rice in international trade.
Many diseases related to kidney, skin, blood, cancer, brain etc will get controlled after consuming kala namak rice. Kala Namak has also got the medicinal properties to get rid of Diabetic and B.P. According to Farmer Mani budha used to consume only this rice and even today buddist monks will carry this rice where ever they go. The reason they live longer is because they consume this rice.

Thooyamalli Rice (Crop duration is  140 days)

Thooyamalli, a traditional rice variety, gets its name from its striking resemblance of jasmine buds. Thooyamalli is healthy and tasty rice which increases nerves strength and is  suitable for preparation of biriyani

Kullakkar Rice (Crop Duration is 90-105 days)

Kullakkar, is a short duration red rice cultivated in summer season . The crop is highly drought, pest and disease resistant and locally the straw is a preferred roofing material. The rice can be used in the preparation of idli, dosa, puttu, as porridge as well as cooked rice. 
Medicinal properties are also attributed to this rice include revitalizing and energizing the body, lowering bad cholesterol levels, controlling blood sugar levels, Red rice varieties have antioxidant properties and have a higher content of zinc and iron than white rice.

Seeraga Samba Rice ( Crop duration – 120 to 125 days)

Seeraga Samba, is a long duration aromatic rice traditionally grown in Tamil Nadu. It derives its name because the small white ovular fine grains resemble seeds of Seeragam/Jeera/Cumin and it is mostly cultivated in the Samba season (August to January). The grains are much smaller than other varieties and when cooked is less ‘fluffy’ and loose in texture with a starchy/corny flavor. The rice is easy to cook, delicious taste and aromatic, rich in vitamins with a high caloric value. Traditionally used in the preparation of biriyani and preparation of rice items – Lemon rice, Tamarind rice, Tomato rice, etc. 

Mappillai Samba Rice (Crop duration- 160 days)

This is one of the rice varieties which lost after the green revolution. The name of this rice is based on  a instance. Earlier this rice will be given to the bride groom before the marriage to increase his strength which will help him to lift the stone (illavata kal) so the name. This rice is said to improve digestion, cure mouth ulcers and peoples with diabetic also can consume this rice.

Karung Kuruvai Rice (Crop duration – 110 days)

Karung kuruvai rice has got a “kayakalpam” property which will protect our body. Siddha doctors use this rice variety to prepare medicines. Karung kuruvai is used to treat peoples suffering from Elephantiasis. According to farmer Dr.Mani this rice is helps to dilute all the bad cholesterols in our body. It can be consumed as rice and its also very much suitable for idly and dosa.

Poongar Rice (Crop duration – 70 days)

Poongar is a treasure. It can withstand even floods and also can grow without much of water. This rice is also called as “Arubatham Kodai”.  Its suitable for rice, idly and dosa. This rice variety gives strength to our body. Peoples used to consume the bran of this rice and it seems the bran will also be very tasty. In olden days grannies used to make prodigies with this rice and give it to pregnant ladies to get normal delivery.

Kattuyanam Rice (Crop duration – 180 days)

This rice variety will help peoples to control diabetics. People used to consume “kasayam”  made out of this rice bran. This rice is good for making rice, idly and dosa

Kandasali Rice ( Crop duration – 125 days)

Kandasali is 125 days crop, very good rice for making pongal. We have aromatic variety of this rice in our store.

Kavuni Rice (Crop duration – 130 days)

This rice is in existence from Chola period. It has got various medicinal benefits. It gives strength to the body. Pregnant ladies used to consume this rice for normal delivery. Red Kavuni and Black kavuni rice is available in the market. Black kavni rice is used to treat dog bites. 

Kitchadi Samba Rice

According to farmer Mr.Meenakshi sundaram Kichadi samba rice has got high medicinal property . Its good for some skin diseases.

Sornamasuri Rice

This rice has derived its name from its colour. The rice will be in the colour of gold, sornam means gold so its name. we have sornamasuri brown rice in our store this is good for diabetic peoples.

Ponni Rice

Ponni is a high yielding variety developed by Tamil Nadu Agricultural University and is widely cultivated in Tamil Nadu. The rice is generally used for everyday consumption. It is a table variety.
Disclamier: This content is provided for educational and information purpose only. These content has been collected through various sources. Main content of this page has been taken from the book “mamrunthagum parampariya nelgal” and from various farmers. No action shoiuld be taken solely on the content provided. Readers should consult concerned siddha or ayurvedic or naturopathy prodessionlas on usage relating to  their health and well being. Readers who fail to do may assume the risk of any injuries and management is not responsible.

Bamboo Rice –  Moongil arisi – Mulayari (മുളയരി)

Pachaa Traders is one of the main Bamboo Rice / Moongil Arisi Wholesale Suppliers in India. Bamboo rice is collected by the tribes residing in the forest from the seeds of flowers, bamboo, is known for its highly nutritive qualities,rich medicinal values. A very good substitutes for the polished white paddy rice.  Bamboo rice (Mulayari) has become an important and major source of income for tribals living in the forests. Nature keeps all its treasures hidden deep inside her. From the heart of nature a rare and lesser know seed is being introduced “bamboo rice” these seed are gathered from the jungles of tropical rain forest, bamboos trees which are known to be the tallest of herb grasses which grow in tropical rain forests.

Some species of bamboos only bloom with flowers once in 40-60 years and often die after flowering. They compensate this by releasing huge amounts of flowers and seeds, one of many mechanisms that nature employs to ensure the survival of certain species.

Bamboo rice is not commonly available due to the reason that it takes many years for an aged plant to flower which is unpredictable as these may vary from few years to 100 years for a bamboo plant to flower.

This short-grain rice is infused with bamboo extract, contributing the health benefits of chlorophyll and a rich green colour that’s retained when cooked. The grain is obtained from bamboo tree, which is the tallest herbs in the tropical forests. Some bamboo tree species only flower once in fifty to sixty years and often die after flowering.  Bamboo Rice is an all natural, short-grain Asian rice that has been infused with Bamboo juice. This infusion imparts the beautiful jade green colour and a slight jasmine green tea flavour.

The name bamboo rice is also given to a short-grain rice that is infused with bamboo juice. This practice is prevalent more in the West. This imparts a green colour and that is very different. The bamboo rice goes very well with our South Indian curries, rasams and even curd. It is available in Tamil Nadu where it is called ‘moongil arisi’. It is cooked in the same manner as regular rice is cooked

The bamboo rice is sweet, pungent,nutritious and strong . It cures kapha, pitta dosha, removes toxic substances from the body and cures the disease in which the vital humors of the body are excreted through urine.

The nutritious and health value of bamboo rice is very remarkable. It is more healthy to have bamboo rice than the rice from paddy .Seeds used to treat menstrual disorders, respiratory diseases and infections.  Its rich content of proteins controls back pain,joints pain and rheumatic pain.The other medicinal and health benefits are Controls sugar, cholesterol and Blood pressure.Good for Pregnant women to overcome vitamin deficiency.

Navara Rice


Navara rice is one of the many types of rice found in India, and has its origin from Kerala. There seems to have been about a hundred varieties of rice but only about 20 types are said to be existing. Navara is one of them. Navara can be consumed directly or can also be powdered and then mixed with milk and taken in the form of a cereal. 

 Varieties of Navara

Navara has two varieties” black glumed navara” and “golden yellow glumed navara”

Black Glumed Navara:

It is red in color and is known for its medicinal properties. It is a Kerala traditional ayurvedic medicine. This one is what Jeevamrut is going to deliver and its in zero polished format retaining the nutrients. 

 Navara rice –Health benefits

  • It is good for people with diabetes
  • It is a rejuvenator and improvises the immune system
  • It helps in digestion and improves metabolism and keeps emaciation at bay.
  • It is used for curing rheumatoid arthritis
  • Promotes the growth of RBCs, can cure Anemia
  • Strengthens bones and prevents osteoporosis

Navara rice for babies

On other hand navara rice can be given as baby food for babies above 6 months of age. Navara rice food can increase babies weight. This is a natural energizer and safe weaning food for babies

Thanga Samba Rice

Karuthakaar Rice